The Lakewood KickStart Outdoor 2018 Youth Soccer Tournament is over. Thank you to all that attended.

Congratulations to all of the tournament finalists! Listed here

Congratulations to Renee Maitland who won $764.55 in the Kickstart 50/50 draw.

The Lakewood Kickstart Indoor Tournament will be February 1st to 3rd,  2019. Details to follow in the fall.

You can access the schedule at the following link:

Tournament Package

Download the KickStart Tournament Package now.

Divisions to be Offered

  • U9 Boys and Girls (5 vs 5): $250/team
  • U11 Boys and Girls (7 vs 7): $350/team
  • U13 Boys and Girls (11 vs 11): $500/team
  • U15 Boys and Girls (11 vs 11): $500/team
  • U17 Boys and Girls (11 vs 11): $500/team
  • U19 Boys and Girls (11 vs 11): $500/team

Size of Pitch

  • U9/U11 will play games as per current SYSI dimensions.
  • U13/U15/U17/U19 will play games on a full size outdoor pitch
  • Note: U13 will play games on a smaller marked full size pitch

Length of Games

  • U9 games will be 40 minutes in length (two halves of 20 minutes).
  • U11 games will be 50 minutes in length (two halves of 25 minutes).
  • U13/U15/U17/U19 games will be 60 minutes in length (two halves of 30 minutes).

Players and Reserves

  • U9/U11 max roster size is 14 players.
  • U13/U15/U17/U19 max roster size is 18 players.
  • U9 games shall be 5v5.
  • U11 games shall be 7v7.
  • U13/U15/U17/U19 games shall be 11v11.

For more information, please email

Tournament Package

Lakewood Soccer organizes an Indoor and Outdoor soccer tournament each year. Tournaments are approved by Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. and sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.  These tournaments are made possible due to the kind assistance of many volunteers and the generous donations from many sponsors.

Tournament Out of Town Policy

All participating teams from outside of Saskatchewan must be registered and in good standing with their District, Provincial, State and/or National Soccer Association. All participating teams from outside Saskatchewan must have a valid Travel Permit or other official written permission to participate from their Provincial, State and/or National Soccer Association. The Tournament Organizer must submit copies of all Travel Permits for teams from outside Saskatchewan to the SSA prior to the start of the tournament. Failure to submit Travel Permits will result in disciplinary sanctions, as outlined under “Compliance”.

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