“Just Kick It” Cup

The Lakewood Indoor “Just Kick It” Cup announces  dates for the 2018-19 Indoor Season!

The Lakewood “Just Kick It” Cup 2018-19 Youth Soccer Tournament will now take place February 1-3, 2019. We have decided to move the dates this season to after the Christmas break in order to accommodate more of our provincial clubs that have supported us so well over the past tournaments! As well, we are hoping to attract more competitive out of province teams to this year’s tournament!

Our tournament is full and registration is closed.

We still have room for U9 teams. E-Mail to c.jaman@shaw.ca for U9 teams entry.

Link to the tournament site.

For more information, please email lakewoodkickstart@gmail.com.

Instructions to enter player rosters.

Tournament Package

Lakewood Soccer organizes an Indoor and Outdoor soccer tournament each year. Tournaments are approved by Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. and sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.  These tournaments are made possible due to the kind assistance of many volunteers and the generous donations from many sponsors.

Tournament Out of Town Policy

All participating teams from outside of Saskatchewan must be registered and in good standing with their District, Provincial, State and/or National Soccer Association. All participating teams from outside Saskatchewan must have a valid Travel Permit or other official written permission to participate from their Provincial, State and/or National Soccer Association. The Tournament Organizer must submit copies of all Travel Permits for teams from outside Saskatchewan to the SSA prior to the start of the tournament. Failure to submit Travel Permits will result in disciplinary sanctions, as outlined under “Compliance”.

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