Player Evaluations

MARCH 2018

While general evaluations for the upcoming outdoor season have been completed, athletes who have missed evaluations are still encouraged to register.

A player who misses both evaluation will be asked to join one or more practices where at least one Lakewood assigned evaluator will be present. A recommendation will be made by the evaluator to Lakewood Technical Staff on an appropriate placement for that athlete.

We expect practices to begin after April 16.  You will be contacted by our technical staff to arrange an opportunity where your son or daughter will be evaluated so they can placed on an appropriate team.   U7 and U9’s do not require an evaluation.  Please review the players evaluation process document for more information.

*** U7D, U9D and U19 players do not require evaluations. U7D and U9D will have some drop in sessions prior to season to start to organize teams.

Please email us at for any questions or inquiries about registration.

Lakewood Soccer Player Evaluation Categories

  • Technical (movement, passing, ball control, shooting)
  • Tactical (positional play, awareness, game understanding)
  • Physical (agility, balance, coordination, speed, fitness)
  • Overall Ranking will be a combination of the above 3 categories

If you have questions about the evaluation schedule contact the Lakewood Technical Coordinator at or at

Read more about Lakewood’s Player Evaluation Process here.

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