Player Evaluations

March 2019 Evaluations

Outdoor evaluations have been completed.

Teams will be selected over the next 2-3 weeks. Training will start mid-April.


Please note that your registration fee must be paid (or you have applied for alternate funding, i.e. KidSport) in order for your child to be placed on a team. 

You will also be required to provide a post-dated cheque for the $100 volunteer bond.

Please review the players evaluation process document for more information.

Lakewood Player Evaluation FINAL – September 04, 2018


*** U7D, U9D and U19 players do not require evaluations. U7D and U9D will have drop in sessions prior to season to start to organize teams.

Please email us at for any questions or inquiries about registration.

Lakewood Soccer Player Evaluation Categories

  • Technical (movement, passing, ball control, shooting)
  • Tactical (positional play, awareness, game understanding)
  • Physical (agility, balance, coordination, speed, fitness)
  • Overall Ranking will be a combination of the above 3 categories

If you have questions about the evaluation schedule contact the Lakewood Technical Coordinator at or at


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