Lakewood Soccer Player

Lakewood Soccer Player:

Lakewood has our own training academy The academy is open to players age 4-14, and of all abilities. Lakewood players especially are highly encouraged to attend the academy!

The purpose of the academy is to give extra individual training to the players during the season, as well as extra individual training in the off months. The training received in the academy will focus solely on developing the individual technical ability of the players involved. Since the academy is not a team, we as Academy coaches will be able to optimize the time spent in training to develop the ‘individual’.

Training will be broken down by ages as follows…


At this age the focus will be on learning the FUNdamentals of the game. Training will improve the players’ literacy with the ball using fun, engaging activities.


The ages of 8-12 are considered the “Golden Years of Development”. Training with these players will be focused on developing their technical ability, and mastering the 5 basics skills in soccer using small sided games and individual ball work. Lakewood would highly recommend all Premier, Division 2, and division 3 players to attend the academy to develop a solid technical foundation to use for the rest of their lives.


Training at this age will focus on further developing the mastery of the 5 basic skills, as well as learning and mastering more complex technical skills.

If you have any questions about the academy regarding training, fees, schedules etc. they can be directed to the email address on the contact tab.

We look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

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