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Tournament Winners – Just Kick it Cup

Feb 02, 2020

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the Just Kick it Cup!

Below is the list of winners:

U17/19 Girls
Gold – SC
Silver – Yorkton United FC
U13 Girls Premier
Gold – Lakewood Fire
Silver – Yorkton United FC
U11 Girls Premier
Gold – Lakewood Valencia
Silver – Eastside
U17/19 Boys
Gold – Lakewood Atletico
Silver – SC
U13 Girls Div 2
Gold – Lakewood Fusion
Silver – Aurora Ice
U11 Girls Div 3
Gold – Lakewood Inferno
Silver – Meridian Mini Rustlers
U15 Girls Div 2
Gold – Tempest FC
Silver – SC
U13 Boys Premier
Gold – Lakewood Galaxy
Silver – FCR Boca Juniors
U11 Boys Premier
Gold – FCR Liverpool
Silver – Hollandia Tapia
U15 Boys Premier
Gold – Lakewood Impact
Silver – Yorkton United
U13 Boys Div 2
Gold – Aurora Hotspur
Silver – Eastside United
U11 Boys Div 2
Gold – YUFC Manchester
Silver – VUSC
U15 Boys Div 2
Gold – Lakewood Energy
Silver – PA Celtics
U13 Boys Div 3
Gold – Prince Albert
Silver – BUFC
U11 Boys Div 3
Gold – Meridian FC
Silver – Lakewood Stars

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