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Lakewood PSL Opportunities

Feb 03, 2018

Lakewood Soccer is pleased to provide the following information and opportunities for it’s members!

Saskatchewan Soccer Provincial Soccer League (PSL) Update

The following information affects those players that are interested in or hoping to participate in the PSL this spring soccer season. Many of you are aware of the direction Saskatoon Youth Soccer (SYSI) is going with regards to forming city-wide Saskatoon teams for PSL and reducing the number of teams to be entered this upcoming season in the PSL.

A Little History:
This past spring Lakewood played a very important role in the Sask Soccer’s PSL. The PSL is a province-wide competition open to representative teams from SSA Member Organizations and Entities in Male and Female U13 Developmental, U15 and U17 divisions and represents the highest level of Competitive Stream play currently available in Saskatchewan.

Lakewood Soccer was a major part of the formation of the Saskatoon Selects, a combined Saskatoon team that included players and coaches from Lakewood, Eastside and SUSC. Lakewood players made up 50% of the players that were given the opportunity to play on one of the Selects teams. Many of these Lakewood players went on to represent Saskatchewan at the Club National championships on their respective Selects teams. Several Lakewood Coaches were also given the opportunity to be part of the coaching staff of each of the Saskatoon Selects teams. This was an amazing development opportunity for all that were involved.

Current Situation:
The direction from SYSI for the upcoming PSL season is a reduced number of teams that Saskatoon will enter in to the PSL. This means that the Saskatoon Selects (a successful combination of zones to create an enjoyable, developmental and competitive environment for a large number of players, no longer exists.

More importantly, the reduced number of teams means that there will be limited developmental opportunities for many players this upcoming season. So on behalf of it’s members, Lakewood Soccer has decided to enter a U13 developmental team for both boys and girls. SYSI will only be entering a single team in each gender category at the U15 and U17 level (a 2nd team may be considered if there is enough interest and quality of players during the evaluations). This also reduces the number of players from Saskatoon able to play in the PSL. This impacts a large number of players from across the city who will not have the opportunity to play at the highest level in the province. Again, this affects a large number of players specifically from Lakewood.

What Lakewood Soccer has decided to:

  • 1. Enter 1 boys and 1 girls team for the U13 PSL developmental league.
  • 2. Encourage all U15 and U17 players that are interested in playing in the PSL to register and attend the SYSI city-wide PSL tryouts.
  • 3. Evaluate alternate options after the city-wide PSL teams are formed for U15 and U17 Lakewood players.

We are very excited to be able to offer the opportunity for our U13 players to play in the PSL. More information on the Lakewood U13 PSL teams will be released soon!

If you have any questions, please contact by email either of the following:

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