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Kickstart Winning Teams

May 23, 2018

Congratulations to all players, coaches, and managers who participated in Lakewood’s Kickstart tournament this weekend. Special Thanks to all of the supporting Soccer Clubs from across the province!

The medal results are below.


Under 11 Girls, Div 2
Gold: Yorkton United
Silver: Astra
Under 13 Girls, Div 2
Gold: Yorkton United

Silver: Lakewood Fusion
Under 15 Girls, Div 2
Gold: Lakewood United

Silver: Aurora Storm
Under 19 Girls
Gold: Aurora Force

Silver: Yorkton United
Under 11 Boys, Premier
Gold: Astra

Silver: Lakewood Galaxy
Under 11 Boys, Dev 2
Gold: Astra

Silver: Weyburn Black Devils
Under 11 Boys, Div 3
Gold: Humboldt Hurricanes

Silver: Kindersley Storm
Under 13 Boys, Div 2
Gold: Meridian

Silver: PA Celtics
Under 13 Boys, Div 3
Gold: Melfort International

Silver: Lanigan Elite
Under 15 Boys, Div 2
Gold: Lakewood Impact

Silver: Lakewood Cosmos
Under 17 Boys
Gold: Yorkton United

Silver: Aurora Celtic

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