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2019 PSL Information

Feb 18, 2019

Lakewood Soccer Association, Aurora Soccer Club and Eastside Youth Soccer Association are pleased to announce its plans for participation in the PSL (Provincial Soccer League) organized by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association for the upcoming 2019 summer season. Winners at the U15 and U17 age groups have the opportunity to represent the province at the Club Soccer Nationals. While the U13 age group is considered a developmental league. The season itself begins on the last weekend in May and goes into July. In the past, this league has proven to not only be extremely competitive, but also fun, exciting and a great challenge for players looking to develop their game at the next level!

All three clubs have been enthusiastic supporters of the PSL in the past because of the level of competition it provides and the variety of competition as the league includes teams from all over the province!

Aurora, Eastside and Lakewood have decided to work together in order to form what we believe will be more competitive teams and also to be able to provide the best opportunities for all of our players interested in playing on a PSL team. Together, we will be entering the following teams:

U15 Girls – through EASTSIDE – to be coached by Garnette Weber and overseen by Mike Gramiak

U15 Boys Senior (2004) – through LAKEWOOD – to be coached by Lewis Oteruelo and Melissa Malin

U15 Boys Junior (2005) – through LAKEWOOD – to be coached by Kelly Fredrickson

U17 Girls – through LAKEWOOD – to be coached by Tim Mangan, Mel Scott Kwan and Don Smith

U17 Boys – through AURORA – to be coached by Sean Riggs

Please note that there will be efforts made to provide representation from all three zones on each of the team’s coaching staff. Registration links will be provided and be open for registration Tuesday February 12th. All players must register with the Club that is offering the team in their age group (example: U15 Girls must register for the tryouts through the Eastside registration link…). There will be a $20 Tryout fee as part of the registration process to help cover the costs of the turf rental.

PSL Information:

U13 Boys and Girls Teams will play May 24-26 (Prince Albert), May 31-June 2 (Saskatoon), June 14-16 (Yorkton) and July 12-14 (Regina).   The U13 teams will play in both the PSL and the SYSI leagues and each zone will be entering their own teams.

U15 and U17 Boys and Girls teams will play a mixed format on weekends and weekdays starting May 24 and going until the finals weekend at the end of July. The U15 and U17 PSL players will play only in the PSL league. Initial PSL fees will be in the range of $250 to $350 with additional team fees as determined once final costs of the league are determined.

Any players interested in playing PSL will need to register and attend their age specific PSL tryouts. Anyone can try out for a PSL team in their specific age group but are not guaranteed a roster spot on the team. The roster sizes for most teams will be between 15 and 18 players. If a player does not make the PSL team they can still play zone soccer and still have the opportunity to be called up to play on a PSL team. Players that are selected to a PSL team are expected to be committed to the team in all regards as this is the highest level of play in the province!


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