Board of Directors

Success depends on the commitment to the development of youth soccer!

Current Board Members

  • President: Leonard Lewko
  • Vice President: Amanda Taylor
  • Coaching Coordinator: Melanie Scott-Kwan
  • Communications Coordinator: Henry Fernandes
  • Facilities Coordinator: Leon Bourner

  • Fundraising Coordinator: vacant
  • Mini Soccer Coordinator: Moyed Eldebcan
  • Registration Coordinator: Kara Friske
  • Secretary: Jody Hanson

  • Technical Coordinator: Leonard Lewko
  • Tournament Chair: Amanda Taylor
  • Treasurer: Thomas Hrynuik
  • Equipment Coordinator: Donna Campbell

Ex-officio Board Members

  • Lewis Oteruelo, General Manager

Technical Committee

  • Leonard Lewko (chair)
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Melanie Scott-Kwan
  • Leon Bourner
  • Henry Fernandes
  • Lewis Oteruelo

Revenue Committee

  • under review

Tournament Committee

  • Amanda Taylor (chair)
  • Candis Jaman
  • Thomas Hrynuik
  • Kara Friske
  • Lewis Oteruelo
  • Leonard Lewko

Lakewood International Travel Partnership Committee

  • under review

President’s Report for 2018 AGM

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